Are you looking for a home in a new or unfamiliar area?

Are you worried someone might buy your dream home before you can put in an offer?

Have you already started working with a real estate agent? Not sure they’re the right fit?

Buying and selling real estate is a potentially complicated and life-altering process. You hire a realtor to help you find your perfect home without the headache of communicating directly with the opposing party, to counsel you, to provide referrals to other helpful professionals, and to avoid legal pitfalls.

Here are a few ways to know if you have a good realtor:

Clear Communication: Excellent and clear communication is essential when determining if a realtor is the right fit for your needs. Your realtor should be available to respond to calls and emails, willing to help you achieve your ideals in a home and be able to convey your expectations to the seller’s agent. A realtor who is readily available to address your needs is key when buying or selling a home.

Has Significant Experience: It pays to have an experienced real estate agent on your side when buying or selling. Professional agents have experienced many transactions, giving them the experience to guide you through complex situations that may come up. With experience also comes connections in the industry. 

Knowledgeable: A good agent has vast market knowledge. Your agent should know how to buy, sell, and negotiate while having insight into home warranties, financing, insurance, taxes, and other related topics. 

Do You Have a Good Realtor Working in Ann Arbor?

Having a good realtor can make all the difference in your home buying and selling experience. An experienced realtor in Ann Arbor provides insight during your personal real estate journey to give you the confidence you need.

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