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BodySpecs - Train Different!

You can take your hard-earned money and go to any gym or health club in the Ann Arbor area for your fitness needs. BSI respects that, and they know that BSI is not everybody's cup of tea. But they also know that if you're one of the few, the serious, the kind of person who wants more out of everything you do, then you want to be at a gym that takes fitness and exercise seriously.

There's only one health club in Ann Arbor to go for pure sport performance, rehab, and fitness.

Try the Others. Then Try BSI.

At Portfolio Ann Arbor, we’ve been to the other health clubs, gyms, and personal trainers in Ann Arbor and we're here to tell you that if you're looking for the most OUTSTANDING sports performance, one-on-one training, small group fitness, large group fitness, or sports injury management, then YOU WANT BodySpecs!

Don’t Call it a Health Club!

BSI is known for their fitness and sports performance training. This goes way beyond bench presses, running drills, squats and power cleans. They address the essence of performance, which is "power sustainability": the ability to recruit power from beginning to end of competition. This also leads to power recovery after competition so you don't burn out during your training season.

Don’t Just Say it, Know it.

The training at BSI is designed to pick out weaknesses in your execution that could be a problem later on; these are address to reduce your risk of injury. There are many fitness classes that claim to provide sports performance but they don't "know it." BSI even trains the personal trainers who want to improve their clients’ athletic performance

PORTFOLIOANNARBOR.COM recommends Skip Bunton and the amped up trainers BodySpecs of Ann Arbor, and not because we have to. We train there ourselves, and we’re fitness enthusiasts with decades of experience. If you’re in Ann Arbor or anywhere Southeast Michigan, contact BodySpecs at (734) 827-2744 or drop them an email!