Guzi-West Inspection and Consulting (Guzi-West) is a firm specializing in conducting asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, methamphetamine, and sewage inspection and consulting services. Our team also frequently prepares abatement specifications, oversees the subsequent abatement work, and performs clearance testing to verify the work has been adequately completed. The Guzi-West team has 30+ years of experience in hazardous material consulting. We pride ourselves on offering affordable services and simple solutions to complex problems.

Mr. Guzi has served as President/Co-Owner for Guzi-West since Guzi-West began operation in early 2011. Throughout his 15+ year career, Mr. Guzi has worked in the field of hazardous material consulting. He obtained licensing as a Certified Asbestos Consultant in 2005, and began working in the fields of lead-based paint, mold, methamphetamine, and sewage contamination consulting work in 2012. Mr. Guzi is thoroughly familiar with all state and federal regulations concerning these contaminants, and has conducted numerous investigations and prepared accompanying reports of finding following surveys for the respective contaminants. Mr. Guzi is an expert in breaking down complex permits under numerous regulations, developing respective compliance plans, and ensuring compliance through meticulous follow up.

Mr. West has served as Co-Owner and lead inspector for Guzi-West Inspection and Consulting (Guzi-West) since Guzi-West began operation in early 2011. Prior to Guzi-West’s operation, Mr. West was a licensed general building contractor, and a lead-based paint consultant. His knowledge of building construction has proved invaluable in locating hazardous materials, as well as in developing corrective actions for remediation. Mr. West is a CA Certified Lead Based Paint Inspector/Assessor, Certified Mold Inspector, and CA Certified Site Surveillance Asbestos Technician. Over the last 17 years, Mr. West has completed over 1,000 surveys in order to determine the presence or absence of lead-based paint, asbestos, mold, methamphetamine, and sewage contamination.

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