iDrink Products is the inventor of and company behind Drinkmate beverage carbonation systems. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, they're the second largest supplier of water carbonator machines worldwide. Their products include elegant appliances in various finishes, plus accessories and refillable CO2 cylinders.

With its unmatched features, Drinkmate enjoys the highest consumer ratings. Their proprietary Fizz Infuser technology gives you the freedom to carbonate any beverage. Not only water, but juices, cold tea or coffee, wine, cocktails, and more. So whether you want to create healthy sparkling drinks or craft cocktails, they've got you covered.

More Reasons To Choose Drinkmate:

  • Drinkmate comes with a 2-year consumer warranty!
  • Drinkmate uses re-fillable CO2 cylinders!
  • Drinkmate Spritzer is portable, for use at home, outdoors, while travelling, and more!
  • Drinkmate can carbonate nearly anything--flat beer and soda, juice, tea, coffee, you name it!